January 28, 2017

GRATUS is a big supporter of volunteering and mentorship in the community. We are setting up reading programs with local schools to volunteer time to read books to the children. Please send an email to v@urbancreative.com if you are interested in having us at your school, youth program or want to be a GRATUS volunteer/mentor. We appreciate your time and participation!

What's Our Purpose?

Our purpose is to raise a more global minded generation. We are about reverse engineering; getting to the core. So let's start with the youth and together - we can spread this message and positively impact the world! #BeGRATUS #ONEworld #ONElove

Many of us love to travel, make global friends and go on adventures. We get excited at the thought of seeing, tasting, and venturing somewhere new. Travel allows us to be open-minded and welcoming of all people. Together with your support, we can create a more united and compassionate world.