Phượng-Hoàng Nguyễn was born to immigrant parents who left Vietnam in 1975. Before her mission to promote cultural awareness, she owned a consulting business and lived in South America. After moving to California and giving birth to her firstborn, she realized that there are insufficient resources to aid in raising him multilingual. Having been raised in a thriving overseas community, she is aware of the history, tradition and culture of her heritage. Her vision is to revive the overseas Vietnamese community through her books and to collaborate with others with the same passion to create a plethora of cultural resources. Her parents and the needs of her son inspired her to create GRATUS: a global minded book publishing company to keep culture alive. Grateful to have lived abroad and traveled extensively to every continent, Phượng-Hoàng feels the significance to share and preserve ALL cultures of the world.


  • To promote cultural tolerance through our books and speaking engagements #CELEBRATEdiversity
  • To create mentorship programs to help improve community and society standards #BUILDesteem
  • To share this mission with others all over the world #FOSTERcommunity

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