Calling all globe trekkers! GRATUS Books are the perfect gift for those that appreciate art and stories from other countries. Show your child the world through reading. The following GRATUS series are available to purchase on-line in the GRATUS Shop!


Library of Nations  A series of bilingual books written in English and in the national language of the chosen country.

The first set of 4 books showcase Spain, China, France and Germany. The second set has Italy, Brazil, Japan and India. More countries and languages coming! The Library of Nations series are great to teach or learn about cultural diversity. The bilingual text makes it perfect for both home and classroom libraries. 

Dân Ta Books  A series of bilingual books written in Vietnamese and English.

Most online searches for books or movies about Vietnam will display results regarding the Vietnam War, with sparse findings about Vietnamese culture or people. Dân Ta Books will expand the American perception of Vietnam through imagery and storytelling of a unique culture and people. Vietnam is not just a war, we are a people. (Read the GRATUS backstory to the series here)

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